1. Developing performance reports emphasizing costs and revenues that managers can control.
  2. Allocating service department costs to production departments so that production department managers know all costs for which they are responsible.
  3. Determining who is to blame for unfavourable variances.
  4. Investigating all variances, regardless of their status as favourable or unfavourable

 Current ratio                     Net income

  1. Increases                         Increases
  2. Increases                        Decreases
  3. Decreases                       Increases
  4. Decreases                      Decreases

Direct materials                          $ 60
Direct labor                                    10
Variable overhead                        40
Fixed overhead                             30
Total                                           $140
Match has a ready market for all 400,000 units at a selling price of $200 each. Selling costs in this market consist of $10 per unit shipping and a fixed licensing fee of $50,000 per year. Reno Co. wishes to buy 5,000 of these units on a special order. There would be no shipping costs on this special order. What is the lowest price per unit at which Match should be willing to sell the 5,000 units to Reno?

  1. $110
  2. $140
  3. $190
  4. $200

  1. The JIT approach usually involves a large number of suppliers while traditional approaches usually involve only a small number of suppliers.
  2. The JIT approach requires centralized purchasing while traditional approaches encourage purchasing decisions by production employees.
  3. The JIT approach uses a push-through system while traditional approaches use a pull-through system.
  4. The JIT approach operates with low inventory levels while traditional approaches may operate with high inventory levels.

Sales                                                                                         $540,000
Cost of goods sold                                                                   300,000
Merchandise inventory–June 1                                              150,000
Merchandise inventory–June 30                                            180,000
Accounts payable for purchases–June                                1 85,000
Accounts payable for purchases–June 30                               75,000
What amount should Star budget for cash disbursements for June purchases?

  1. $260,000
  2. $280,000
  3. $320,000
  4. $340,000

  1. $23.22
  2. $21.40
  3. $20.90
  4. $15.40