A. 2
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6

Then, Y=6, Z=8 XY=kZ 4*6=k*8 8k=24 k=3
Y=12, Z=8

The Mcq Three quantities X, Y and Z are such that XY=kZ where k is constant. Initially, X was at 4 and X:Y:Z was 2:3:4. If the value of Y is changed to 12 and Z is kept constant, find the value of X.


A. 160
B. 200
C. 250
D. 240

Let the number of 50p, 1 rupee and 2 rupee coins be 2x,5x and 8x. 0.5*(2x)+5x+2*8x = 352 22x=352 x=16 Total no. of coins
= 2x+5x+8x
= 15x = 240

The Mcq A bag contains 50 paise, 1 rupee and 2 rupee coins in the ratio 2:5:8. If the total amount is Rs. 352, find the total number of coins in the bag.


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